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About Us

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Decent Technologies is a leading name in the global Textile IT Industry for providing a wide array of software development services, customized solutions and software products. We provide scalable, flexible, strategic end to end technology solutions and software development services. Our ability to conceptualize, implement and expand our capabilities with stringent quality allows customers to transform their businesses to the next level.

Decent Technologies is not just a software development service provider but prides itself as a business architect of its clients. We believe in "Customer First" and "Team Work" in each of the engagement which helps us to build a long-term relationship. We also take proactive and protective measures to secure intellectual property rights, considering it as a worthwhile investment to ensure our client’s success.

Mr. Deendayal Saraswat (Founder & Director)  

Deendayal is founder and director of Decent Technologies . He has a profound insight for industry driven market to direct the software teams for creating innovative and valuable software(s). He also brings his formidable vision and architectural skills to each project. He always keeps his finger on the technology pulse and guides the company in new technological areas. His vision on emerging technologies fosters an environment that has led to the development of several innovative software projects.

An entrepreneur with more than 10+ years of experience in the Textile software industry, Deendayal provides strategic and technological direction to Decent Technologies, and is responsible for the overall expansion. He is the mind behind several initiatives for keeping pace with the technology, new processes and policies, customer delivery and all-round business development.

Our Vision

The global vision of Decent Technologies is to be recognized and respected as a leader in providing software development services, software products and customized solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of Decent Technologies is to address the challenges of its customers and increasing their profitability by providing them with the best software development services.

Why Decent Technologies?

  • Global Exposure
  • Transparent Business
  • Domain and Tech Expert Team
  • High-end Programming
  • IPR Protection
  • Low Operating Cost
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